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July 4, 2015

Fraserside Community Services Society is delighted to announce that we were granted the second award winning I’S ON THE STREET PROGRAM in Downtown New Westminster, BC. Fraserside also oversees the I’S ON THE STREET PROGRAM on 12th Street. Based on the success we have demonstrated with the program, and Fraserside’s capacity to provide full service to participants in the program, we were granted the second proposal to oversee the Downtown District program.

Fraserside has been a member of the New Westminster Homelessness Coalition Society (NWHCS) since 2005. While the NWHCS administers the I’s ON THE STREET PROGRAM, Fraserside’s New Leaf Clubhouse has operated it since 2010.  We received the West End Business Award in recognition of the program.

Dan Olsheskie, Employment Specialist with New Leaf says “We continue to successfully run the program between 6th to 10th Avenues, along 12th Street in New Westminster and can hardly wait to begin the new one in down town New Westminster.”

  • We offer our participants a nutritious meal to start their day. It usually consists of coffee/juice, fruit, oatmeal or yogurt.
  • Our graduating participants are involved in the training of the new participants, which further builds their self-confidence.
  • The equipment, supplies and storage on-site are readily available.
  • We have employed over 20 individuals with the I’S ON THE STREET PROGRAM:
    • 2 have attended and graduated from college following their participation in the program.
    • 2 are currently attending college.
    • 4 have acquired paid employment.
    • 1 is seriously looking into self-employment.
  • We continue to follow-up and support our graduated participants for one year and inform them that we will be available to them, if needed. Our clubhouse is open every week, Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. except statutory holidays.
  • New Leaf is connected to many community resources and affiliates including other Fraserside programs, NW Mental Health, Work BC, community churches and food banks.
  • We have extensive training and orientation in place that includes participant safety, community engagement, as well as equipment management.
  • We have educated and supportive staff who work with all participants registered in the I’S ON THE STREET PROGRAM.
  • Our organization is able to utilize its employees who have a second language (if available) to help with interpreting. This allows us to facilitate the intake with some members for whom English is a second language.
  • We offer subsidized meals.

Dan Olsheskie says “I would like to say that we are highly committed to this valuable service. I’S ON THE STREET really helps those in need of support!”