Becoming a learning organization: Fraserside’s 2015/2016 Annual Performance Report Featured Image

July 27, 2016

Every year, Fraserside practices its dedication to achieving its vision and mission by measuring and managing our performance. We do this through an "Annual Performance Review" process, summarizing and analyzing results of the performance targets we set last year. The culmination of these results creates our Annual Performance Report, which is now ready! You can read the Executive Summary here.

Why does the report matter to you?

For anyone who shares an interest in Fraserside, our Annual Performance Report is an important tool to gain a big-picture perspective of the agency's accomplishments and progress toward our vision, as well as an in-depth perspective of each program, service and business function. The Executive Summary reviews the highlights of the 140-page report.

What is new about this year's report compared to past years?

This year's report has been modified to improve the big-picture perspective. This means that the report doesn't just document what each program did this year; it now offers an overview of what the entire agency did - outlining our business functions, plans and strategic directions as well as our programs' performance.

The report this year also explains the significance of our performance. It does this by explicitly connecting our critical analyses with our strategic directions. "I always understood in my own head how our performance and plans aligned with Fraserside's big picture," says Lynda Edmonds, Fraserside's Chief Executive Officer. "But after some constructive reflection, we realized not everyone may perceive it as I do. So effort has been made to make these connections more explicit for every person who shares an interest in Fraserside."

Did we learn anything by making these connections more explicit? 

Because of this emphasis on connecting our performance with the big picture, the report reveals a theme about Fraserside - that we are actively becoming a 'learning organization.'

A learning organization, states the report's Executive Summary, is an organization that believes that growth and change are possible; where skills, talent and goals are developed by everyone in the agency; and where everyone in the organization is open to the flow of shared intelligence. "This enables us to be nimble and adjust to our circumstances," says the report.

Lynda Edmonds agrees: "We have so much potential as a learning organization. I believe we have the potential to do things more systematically, where skills and processes are shared amongst a group of people instead of a single person. Furthermore, just as the people we serve are more likely to succeed in achieving their vision of their lives when they are explicit about the changes needed to get there, we as an agency are more likely to succeed in our vision because we are being more explicit in the changes we want to make."

How successful were we this year? 

The report notes that the changes we made explicit at the beginning of this past fiscal year resulted in a focus on doing what we do, and doing it well. This included efforts made in three priority areas:

  1. Risk Management, with a particular emphasis on Health and Safety, for both the people we serve and employees.
  2. Training and Orientation (the TAO project), including Agency Orientation sessions and training in Critical Incident Reporting and Ethics, Rights and Confidentiality, to help new employees feel well oriented with the agency and to help all employees feel well equipped to do their jobs.
  3. Communications, to act on Fraserside's belief in the importance of relationships by ensuring communication between all parties is done well and done creatively, given that it can be challenging to communicate with people you don't have often meet with or see.

"With the support of these efforts, Fraserside's programs and services achieved 79% of our 2015/2016 performance targets!" states the report's Executive Summary.

Lynda gives credit for this accomplishment to Fraserside's employees: "I have been inspired this past year by the commitment of Fraserside's employees to the people we serve. Every day they come to work and put into action our shared values."

Read the Executive Summary of Fraserside's 2015/2016 Annual Performance Report now.

If you have any questions about the report, please contact Lynda Edmonds (, 604-522-3722, Ext. 116).