Fraserside Strategic Plan 2014 - 2019

What we stand for:

Our Mission: Fraserside supports people needing housing, seeking work, and/or living with developmental disabilities, mental health or substance use issues, or low income. Our focus is New Westminster and neighbouring communities.

Our Vision: Fraserside is inspired to create communities of belonging where the diversity of all people is welcome.

Our Values

We respect and celebrate our differences.

Compassion and Responsibility:
We advocate for social change. Compassion motivates us to strive to help.

Communities of Belonging:
People thrive when they belong in relationships.

We bring our values to our practice.

Strategic Directions

People belong when they have a home.
Diverse populations will find and maintain homes.

People belong when they make a contribution.
Diverse populations will make contributions that matter to them.

People belong when they are in relationships with one another.
Diverse populations will belong to communities.

A social profit organization achieves its vision when it is sustainable.
Fraserside will develop a level of contingency that ensures the organization’s sustainability.

A social profit organization achieves its vision when it fosters the development of its most valuable asset: its staff and volunteers.
Fraserside will develop a culture of community, competence and values.