Fraserside’s vision is to “create communities of belonging where the diversity of all people is welcome.”  This is how we strive to accomplish our vision:

First, we provide a variety of housing options so people have a safe home.

  • We run a Family Emergency Shelter, which is a high barrier shelter for parents (fathers and mothers), women and children
  • We provide supported housing where people receive supports from staff, to live independently
  • We contract with members of the community to provide housing to people with disabilities
  • Fraserside operates a low barrier housing facility. We own an apartment building; we provide mixed housing to people on low and moderate-incomes

The second way we achieve impact is to support people to make a contribution.

  • We are co-owners of Fraser Works, a co-op that provides employment services to people looking for work
  • We support people with developmental disabilities and with mental health issues to find and maintain employment
  • We also run a small volunteer program, which provides opportunities for people to make a contribution to their community by volunteering at Fraserside

The third way that we seek to create impact is by forming relationships with the people we serve.

  • The relationships between the staff and the people who receive service are a crucial step toward building relationships in community
  • We facilitate community connection amoung the people who live in the facilities and who participate in programs
  • Finally, we encourage the relationships between people and their communities. For example we drive people to doctor’s appointments, host birthday parties with family members and visit seniors drop in centers.

We achieve impact when we start from the premise that people are valued in their diversity.  We help people achieve their individual learning goals.  We support relationship connections. Finally, we focus on what the larger community can do to truly welcome all of its members.